The quest for the perfect lip color has been a timeless pursuit for beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re going for a subtle, natural look or a bold, statement-making lip, finding the right shade that complements your skin tone is crucial. This is where the art of choosing the right permanent lip color shade comes into play.

Permanent lip color, such as lip tattoos or microblading, has gained popularity for its long-lasting and hassle-free appeal. However, selecting the perfect shade is essential to enhance your natural beauty. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the nuances of Permanent Lip Color and how to select the perfect shade that harmonizes with your skin tone.

Understanding Permanent Lip Color

Permanent lip color is a cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing or microblading pigments into the lips to create the appearance of fuller, more defined lips. This technique offers a long-lasting solution for those who desire to wake up with perfectly colored lips every day. Before diving into the art of choosing the correct shade, it’s crucial to understand the two primary techniques used for permanent lip color:

Lip Tattooing: In this method, a tattoo artist or permanent makeup artist uses a tattoo machine to implant pigments into the lips. This creates a more intense and long-lasting color effect.

Microblading: Microblading involves manually creating fine, hair-like strokes with a handheld tool and pigment. This technique is ideal for achieving a natural look.

The Importance Of Skin Tone In Lip Color Selection

Your skin tone is a pivotal factor in determining the lip color that will complement your features best. Skin tones can be generally classified into three primary groups:

Cool-toned: Cool-toned individuals have pink or bluish undertones in their skin. Their veins appear bluish, and they may burn quickly in the sun.

Warm-toned: Warm-toned individuals have yellow or golden undertones in their skin. Their veins typically appear greenish, and they often tan easily.

Neutral-toned: Neutral-toned individuals have a balance of warm and cool undertones in their skin. Their veins may appear bluish-green, and they can tan moderately.

Now, let’s explore how to choose the perfect permanent lip color shade based on your skin tone.

Choosing The Right Permanent Lip Color For Your Skin Tone

For Cool-Toned Skin:

Nude and Mauve Tones: Cool-toned individuals look stunning in nude and mauve lip colors. These shades complement the pink undertones in their skin and create a harmonious, natural look.

Berry and Plum Shades: Deep berry and plum shades can add a touch of drama to cool-toned lips. They enhance the natural coolness of the skin and make a bold statement.

Avoid Orangey Reds: Steer clear of lip colors with orange undertones, which can clash with cool-toned skin and appear jarring.

For Warm-Toned Skin:

Coral and Peach Shades: Warm-toned individuals can rock coral and peachy lip colors effortlessly. These shades bring out the warmth in the skin and give a vibrant, sunny look.

Brick Red and Terracotta: Deep brick red and terracotta shades add depth and richness to warm-toned lips. They create a sophisticated, elegant appearance.

Stay Away from Cool Pinks: Cool-toned pinks may appear too harsh against warm-toned skin, so it’s best to avoid them.

For Neutral-Toned Skin:

Versatility: Fortunate are those with neutral-toned skin as they possess the versatility to effortlessly explore a broad spectrum of lip colors, embracing both warm and cool shades with confidence.

Muted Tones: Opt for muted shades like rose, dusty pink, and soft mauve for a subtle, everyday look.

Bold Choices: Don’t hesitate to try bold colors like bright reds or deep plums for special occasions. Neutral undertones allow you to play with various shades.

Additional Tips For Permanent Lip Color Selection

Consider Your Hair Color: Your hair color also plays a role in determining the best lip shade. Dark hair often pairs well with deep and bold lip colors, while lighter hair complements softer shades.

Think About Your Style: Your style and the occasion also matter. Opt for subtle, neutral shades if you prefer a natural look for daily wear. You can wear reds or deep burgundies for a glamorous evening out.

Test It Out: Before opting for a long-lasting lip shade, experiment with various temporary lipsticks or lip liners to gauge how well the color suits your skin tone and overall appearance.

Consult with a Professional: When considering permanent lip color, consult with a skilled and experienced permanent makeup artist. They can assess your skin tone, discuss your preferences, and recommend the most suitable shades.


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Written By
Priyanka Saini

Priyanka Saini, a permanent makeup master, started her career in the beauty field in 2020. Originally, Priyanka worked as a dietician and founded the FitaspirebyPriyana brand.