Hairline Microblading Service in Delhi NCR, India

Hairline Microblading Service in Delhi NCR is a form of tattooing that uses a fine needle to deposit pigment into the skin. The needle is much finer than the ones used in traditional tattooing, which allows for a more precise placement of the pigment. The pigment is placed in such a way that it resembles natural hair strokes, which can help to cover up bald spots on the head.

The results of hairline microblading can last for several years, although touch-ups may be needed every few years to maintain the results. The treatment is semi-permanent, which means that it can be removed if desired.

Hairline microblading Service in Delhi NCR is a relatively new treatment. The treatment is considered to be safe when performed by a trained and licensed professional.

If you are considering hairline microblading, it is important to consult with a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Hairline Microblading Service


What is the lifespan of hairline microblading after treatment?

The lifespan of hairline microblading after treatment is up to 12-18 months.

How frequently Should we do the treatment?

Commonly., hairline microblading lasts up to 12-18 months. so after that, you can take treatment.

What are the precautions after hairline microblading treatment?

For the batter result and long results please avoid washing the treatment area for a week.

What is the preparation before hairline microblading treatment?

Make sure your scalp is fully prepared for this, washing your hair before treatment. Don’t use a harsh product in the treatment area for 3-5 days.

How can I get an appointment for the treatment?

You can call us, message us or leave your inquiries & our team will reach you asap.

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