Scalp Micropigmentation Service In Delhi NCR, India

Scalp Micropigmentation Service in Delhi & NCR is a popular non-surgical treatment that uses tiny pigmented dot tattoos to replicate the look of hair follicles on balding or thinning areas. This innovative procedure can be used to create a natural and realistic-looking “hairline”, giving men and women with balding spots or receding hairlines more confidence in their appearance. The actual tattoo process involves injecting the pigment into small dots above each hair follicle, which results in the illusion of fuller-looking locks without surgery or medications. Recovery from this (Scalp Micropigmentation Service in Delhi & NCR) procedure takes about 7 days, after which you’ll have noticeably thicker-looking hair!



Scalp Micropigmentation Service


What is the cost of Scalp microblading?

It depends on some factors like the treatment area on your head, skin type, hair density & style.

What is the lifespan of scalp Micropigmentation Treatment?

In comparison with regular tattoos, scalp micro-pigmentation treatment does not last up to more than 12 months unless it is retouched about once a year. Otherwise, you will clearly see the minimum fading in the first year after treatment.

Does this treatment hurt?

Well, it is less painful than other regular treatments.

How much time does this treatment take?

Well, it is less painful than other regular treatments.

How much does this treatment cost?

It all depends on your requirements and the process your scalp needs. so the price varies differently according to the situation.

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