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Priyanka Saini

Priyanka Saini, a permanent makeup master, started her career in the beauty field in 2020. Originally, Priyanka worked as a dietician and founded the FitaspirebyPriyana brand.

Later, she decided to try hand in the field of permanent makeup. Priyanka improved her skills at prestigious schools in Mumbai and UK and at various seminars.

She has won multiple awards for permanent eye makeup and eye styling competitions. In 2021, the qualified international master and trainer founded the International Beauty Center and Face & Eye Design Academy. A year later, she opened her studio, Foxy AgeLess Aesthetics, in Delhi NCR.

She now works in Delhi NCR, Faridabad, and teaches courses on permanent Makeup in various cities. During her courses, Priyanka introduces the most popular eyebrow reconstruction techniques and shares her knowledge and skills with the students who dream of a career in this PMU Field.

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